The Shape of Things to Come

I’ve recently joined this great group of neuroscience grad students who write the blog NeuWrite San Diego. This week, in honor of Halloween, NeuWrite will post a (semi) related post every day. I especially like this one about the possibility of robots overthrowing humanity.

NeuWrite San Diego

Experts overwhelmingly agree: Robots will soon overthrow humanity. The only question is whether they will merely enslave us1 or will entirely destroy the human race2,3,4. To better face our coming downfall, it is important to understand how machines will gain the powers to destroy us. They have already bested us in chess5, game shows6, and will soon surpass our ability to flip burgers7.

But there is a large divide between the perfectly charboiled hamburger and the nuclear annihilation of the human race. How do the robots cross this divide? Only if humans were stupid enough to create robots that had the abilities and desires of a human being. And no one would be that stupid…except of course for scientists.

Self-Assembling Robots

Robots are not a threat as long as we control the means of their production. One of biological life’s greatest…

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