I’m a PhD Candidate in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego. I love metaphor, psychology, and science communication. I also love reading, writing, and crafting.

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Updates: Some exciting things I’m working on

Cognitive Science Blogging: I’m co-teaching a Freshman Seminar at UCSD. We explore strategies for science communication, and students focus on iterating and honing their own  blog posts.

ComSciCon 2017: I’m working as the Program Organizing Committee chair for this year’s conference. ComSciCon is a workshop organized by grad students for graduate students to improve their science communication. I’m excited just daydreaming about the program our team has put together.


My blog is WhatsInABrain
It’s anything but arcane
Language and mind
Are topics, you’ll find,
That for this blog, are entirely germane.

I had the opportunity to participate in Ignite San Diego in October, 2015.
5 minutes, 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds… ready or not. Here’s my talk Mind Your Metaphors

One thought on “About

  1. What a great core for a blog: a forum for thinking about thinking. I recently started a blog about perception (www.theunpackagedeye.com) and am thrilled to come across yours.

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